Cat logos are one of the most common animal logos. Cats were the symbol of power, fertility, and beauty in Ancient Egypt and as such worshiped as gods.
That is also noticeable today in a slightly different manner. Cat videos alone have over 4 trillion results on Google meaning the popularity is only increasing.

Most common symbols associated with cats are agility, comfort, mystery, glamour and luxurious lifestyles. Cat logos can be seen on cafes, nightclubs, fashion brands as well as for animal clinic and pet clinics.

Here we have listed over 20 logo design ideas you can use for inspiration:

1. Black Cat by George Bokhua

black cat logo design

2. Banjo Cat by Randy Heil

banjo cat white logo design

3. The Manx by Yuri Galitsyn

The manx cat with a bowtie logo design

4. Django Coffee Co logo by Sava Stoic

django-coffee cat logo design

5. Cat Doctor logo by Rudy Graph

cat doctors logo design

6. Cat Logo Design by Stdrnix Blank

smiling cat logo design

7. Cat logo design by Artem Dvorzhak cat logo design

8. Yumi by Alexa Erkaeva

yumi cute baby cat logo

9. Hypnoticat by Sergey Arzamastsev

hypnoticat abstract cat logo design

10. My Fish by Gennady Komarov

my fish fishing cat holding a fish logo design

11. Meowbox by Meg

meowbox geometrical cat logo design

12. Webcat by Máximo Gavete

web cat logo design

13. Black Cat Lounge by Jacob Weaver

black cat logo design

14. Cat & Paw Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

cat paw

15. Workshop of Warm Mood by Anton Shmelev

sleeping cat logo design

16. kittypic by ancitis.janis

kittypic cat holding a camera

17. Sketchy Cat Creative by grabbdesigns

sketchy cat pencil drawn logo design

18. C.A.T. by Jeff Fisher

19. Cat Folio by Shtef Sokolovich

cat folio logo design

20. Scarycat logo design by jessica bellman

scary cat logo design

21. Cat logo by Yoga Perdana

cat negative space logo design

22. Cat Groom by Gaga Vastard

cat groom logo design

23. ChatCat by logorilla

chat cat white cat on red background