Vintage logo, classic or retro designs are still very popular at the moment. Some designers are intentionally using vintage looks for certain businesses.
Most commonly, vintage logo designs are used for coffee shops, restaurants, craft shops, clothing brands etc.
They offer the sense of warmth and nostalgia that most corporate design is never able to give.

Here we have collected best 50 vintage logo designs that caught our eye:

1. Delta Vintage Logo by Nathan Spell

delta vintage logo

2. Locomotive by Sergey Kovalenko

vintage train logo design

3. Crypto Future Believers Emblem by JeksonGraphics

miners vintage logo

4. Red vs Blue by Scott G Design

blue vs red robot vintage logo design

5. Black Canyon Cineworks by Jeff Trish

Black Canyon Cineworks vintage logo design embossed

6. Indian Garden Badge by Brian Steely

indian gardens vintage logo design

7. Going to the mountains is going home Logo Design by Beardsley Design

Mountains crossed axes vintage logo design

8. Gif Co by Joe White

tea lounge vintage logo design

9. Free designed vintage logo by Yasiru Udara

perfect steep vintage retro logo design

10. Armadillo Dairy Farmers – Vintage Fantasy Logo by Mathias Temmen

Armadillo Dairy farm vintage logo design

11. Vintage Logo / Retro Badge by Design District

Vintage Logo Design badge

12. Handcraft Films by asix works

handcraft films old camera vintage logo design

13. Lost Mountain Lumber by Jerron Ames

Lost Mountain Lumber vintage logo design

14. Tehachapi Again by Brian Hurst

tehachapi mountain vintage logo design black and white

15. The Bronson Logo Design by Adam Tragese

bronson canvas grainy vintage logo design

16. Anvilvideo Productions Logo Design by Valerii Baryshpolets

anvil video vintage logo design

17. Humboldt Vintage Badge by Joe White

vintage badge logo design

18. Golden Bass Roadhouse – Fantasy Vintage Logo by Mathias Temmen

goldenbass fish vintage logo design

19. Vintage Logo – Beer Label by vatesdesign

vintage beer label logo design

20. The Whiskey Trail Logo Design by Martin Schmetzer

whiskey label vintage logo design

21. Grether & Grether Lofts Logo Design by S Leyton


22. Lick Me…I’m Delicious Logo Design by Tom Lane

Lick me vintage logo design

23. Peony Logo Design by

Peony Logo Design

24. Vintage Retro Logo For Re-purposed Furniture Company by Bismillah

Rustic Farmhouse Vintage Logo Design

25. Beautiful-Vintage-logo-design-inspiration by Zee Que

Skinny Vintage Logo Design

26. Tokyo Bicycles Logo by Emir Ayouni

Tokyo Bicycles Logo Design

27. Medium Rare Wordmark by Adam Trageser

Medium Rare Wordmark

28. New York Butcher Co by Adam Trageser

New York Butcher Logo Design

29. Peter’s Gourmetsåser Logo by Emir Ayouni

Peters Logo Design

30. Dordo by JC Desevre

Dordo Vintage Logo Design

31. Siberian Wood Logo by Dmitry Stolz

Siberian Vinatage Logo Design

32. Calibre Club – Vision Over Sight by Jeremy Vessey

33. Bourbon Bay Goods Co. by Forefathers

Bourbon Bay Goods

34. Whiskey Ginger by Olly Sorsby

Whiskey Ginger Logo Design

35. Biker’s Dozen by Steve Witmer

Biker`s Dozen Logo Design

36. Identity for an online vintage magazine v3 by Adam Butler

Vintager Logo Design

37. Wonderfully Made Logo by Jesse Owen

Wonderfully Made Logo

38. Studio You Portraits by Sean Heisler

Studio You Red Vintage Logo

39. New QuirkTools Logo by Kyle Schaeffer

Quirktools Logo

40. Sulimay’s Barber Shop by Keith Seaman

Sulimay's Barber Shop Vinatage Logo Design

41. Tesla by Tomek Biernat

Tesla Galeria Logo Design

42. SMB by Kyle Struve

SMB Vintage Logo Design

43. Mountain Top MilkStout by Josh Jevons

Mountain Top

44. Longtucky Logo Badge by Steve Hamaker

Longtucky Spirits Vintage Logo Design

45. Logo Design for Steady Eddy’s Pump House by Usama Javed

 Steady Eddy's Pump House Logo Design

46. Call of the Wilderness by Ian Barnard

Call of the Wilderness Logo Design

47. Voyage Around the Americas by Roberto Ramirez

Voyage Around the Americas Logo Design

48. Mutter Construction by Ian Williams

Mutter Construction Vintage Logo Design

49. Penny Lane by Kyle Anthony Miller

Penny Lane Vintage Logo Design

50. United Sportsmen of Wisconsin Lock-up by Mauricio Cremer

United Sportsmen of Wisconsin Lock-up Vintage Logo Design