A snake logo can be used in a wide variety of manners. Traditionally snakes and serpents in general symbolize fertility and life force. They are a symbol of rebirth, healing and immortality. Today, snake logos are used mostly in healthy industry and sports. So many logo designs are available in numerous variations all over the internet. You just need to sit down with an idea in mind and search the web. And as soon as you find a layout that suits your requirements or preference, you are good to go.

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Here are some examples for inspiration:

1. Snake Logo by Ery Prihananto
green snake in letter u

2. “F” Snake by Mark Farris
Snake in letter F

3. Kingsnake Works Logoby Bram Huinink
Red Kingsnake logo

4. Snake Electric by Ivana Sivac
Green electric snake

5. Snake Logo by Gary Dimi Pohty
Typografic snake logo

6. Snake by Alexia Dupré-Doàn
Black snake logo

7. Howler Brothers pt. V by Jay Fletcher
Howler pink snake

8. D Snake1 by Stevan Rodic
Black infinity snake logo

9. Red Sox Scores: August 14, 2016 by Dan Perrera
Red sox snake logo

10. Public Enemy Number One by Ben Stafford
Public enemy orange snake logo

11. Snake by Nick Kumbari
Flat green snake logo

12. Snake Speriment by Laura Bohill
Flat snake with blood

13. King Cobra Logo by Nikita Golubev
King cobra logo design

14. Negative Space Cobra by Chase Estes
Negative space cobra

15. S Snake Logo by Sebastian
Blue snake logo design

16. J + Snake by Yuri Kartashev
Letter J with snake

17. Snake logo by Daniel Perez
Negative space cobra logo design

18. S + Snake by Michal Tomasovic
Letter S like snake

19. S is for Snake by Ling Lee
Letter S + snake

20. Snake monogram E+S+C  by Abraham Urias
Letters ESC like snake

21. Snake Mark by Neko Brand Studio | London
White snake construction logo design

22. Naga Yoga by La Gordo
Yoga snake logo

23. Watch out! He bites! by The Branding Shop
Abstract snake logo design

24. Twin snake by Vitalii Soroka
Twin yellow snake logo design

25. Snake Logo by Levi Foster
Snake logo design

26. Premade “Snake” Logo by Matthieu.H
Green letter P like snake

27. Snake wave by Breno Bitencourt
Blue Wave snake logo

28. Snakey by Filip Pietron
Yellow snake + S logo

29. Snake by Nina Megreli
Abstract snake logo

30. Traget snake by Shibu PG
Red target snake logo

31. Sidewinder by Mike Erickson
Sidewinder logo

32. Hospitalist Consulting Solutions by Legofish
Abstract ribbon snake logo

33.  Sea Dragon by Nikita Golubev
SeaDragon logo design

34. Snake by Dusan Rozic
Snake on tree logo design

35. Serpent Medical by Angela
Serpent Medical logo design

36. INTJ Design by Robert Williams
Gold infinity logo

37. Snakes and stuff by Tyler Anthony
Tribal orange snake logo

38. Snake Logo by Matija Sundalic
Colorful snake logo

39. SnakeIO Icon by Kemal Demirpolat
Letter O logo design

40. S Snake Logo by Malmoo
Letter S + snake logo design