Minimalist logo design strives to present essence, identity and essentials of an object by eliminating unnecessary forms, features and colors. It is not always easy to achieve minimalism in logo design.
There is always a risk of a logo becoming too simple, forgettable and bland. However, when utilized correctly it will capture the attention and be distinctive, clean and timeless.
We at Skydesigner have compiled a list of minimal logo designs that will inspire you and help you stay on a right track.

Here are the 25 minimalist logo design ideas:

1. Ql Minimal Logo Design by Rishi Shah

Q L minimal logo design

2. Moose Logo Design by Skydesigner

Flat moose minimalist logo design

3. Coin Logo Design by Steven Crosby

Coin Logo Design

4. Bookworm by Mike Bruner

bookworm book with glasses logo

5. O Olive by George Lysikatos

O olive logo design

6. Grill logo design by Daniel Carlmatz

grill spatula logo design

7. Squirrel by elbustudio™

squirrel holding a nut logo design

8. Lips Logo design by Dragisa Trojancevic

Lips red logo design

9. Snake by Abdallah Ahizoune

snake minimal logo

10. Dolphin & Seal Logo Designer by Gert van Duinen

dolphin seal negative space logo design

11. Mouse Universe Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka

mouse minimal logo design

12. Mask | Playing With Type by Abdallah Ahizoune

mask minimalist type typographic logo design

13. Conservatory by Sava Stoic

piano minimal logo design

14. Cloud Bed by Michael Spitz

cloud bed minimalist logo design

15. King elephant by Paul Saksin

King Elephant minimalist logo designer

16. Edbit by TIE A TIE by Aiste

edbit purple minimalist logo

17. Bear by Sam | SecondEight

bear minimalist logo design

18. P Whistle by Jeroen van Eerden

p whistle simple minimalist logo design

19. Moon by Rasam

moon minimal logo design

20. Otto Coffee by Canhur Aktuglu

Otto Caffe minimal logo design

21. Royal Estate by Mauro Bertolino

royal estate crown minimalist logo design

22. ID – Investigation Discovery by MarcinUsarek

footprint minimalist logo design

23. Textura logo design by Muamer

textura T minimalist logo design

24. Paper Clip Logo Design by Arlo

25. Suitcase 2 by Phane (Stefan)

suitcase minimalist logo design